Here is a space to Be. We spend much of our time in the doing, doing, doing. Here we will be sharing valuable content to nourish Self. To allow us to drop from the mind to the heart.

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    About me:

    My name is Lorraine Stewart and I am here to serve in the best way possible to rise the energy of All. To bring awareness into ourselves and surroundings.

    I live my days as a student of the Course in Miracles, sharing my Reiki Master gifts, Sound Healing knowledge, Miracle- Minded Guide, as a faucet for Divine Source. I am a believer of miracles.

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    Reiki, Sound Healing & Yoga

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Bringing awareness into ourselves and surroundings.


Child of God. I live by experiencing awareness within and around me. I am a practitioner of Sound Healing, a student of The Course in Miracles, Reiki Master, Yoga instructor, a Miracle-Minded Guide. What I know is true is that I am here to Serve.